Free Shipping on Halloween /Holiday Inspired Baskets -

Free Shipping on Halloween /Holiday Inspired Baskets

Halloween and Christmas inspired hand painted baskets. Both are 1 peck or 8 quart size baskets. There are 15 in a case, for a delivered price of $5.99 per basket. Great for gifts, Halloween candy, or for table decoration and display.

One Peck Basket Black w/handle

One_Peck_Black_w_528145da15808.jpg1 Peck round bottom basket with handle. Size: 10.5" D x 7.5". Black painted wood (10 count) Free Shipping in USA!

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One Peck Basket W / Bands w/handle 15

One_Peck_Colored_4b280b6b497c8.jpg1 Peck basket with handle. Painted red & green for Christmas. Size: 10.5"D x 7.5". (15 count) Free Shipping!

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